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                             GREAT STORY, GREAT READ
Really loved this book. Its fast paced with loads of action and Intrigue. Loved the storyline and the characters which keep you guessing chapter after chapter. Looking forward to more from this Author - Michael


                              OUTSTANDING BOOK WITH RELENTLESS PACE

Outstanding book with a relentless pace which twists and turns until it leaves you breathless. Wonderful effort from Ken Grace, Blood Prize definitely gets the thumbs up. - R.D.Hale, Author of Sky City: Rise of an Orphan



Brilliant, quirky book that builds suspense in the Stephen King style. Well worth a read and looking forward to the sequel - Robert (Neutral Bay, Australia)

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                             I LOVE BLOOD PRIZE!

Fast paced and exhilarating. At the end of each chapter I always said 'just one more'.
The protagonist, Tom Fox, is an enigmatic character, and I thoroughly enjoyed being inside his head. I also really loved the evil female characters. Sometimes in this genre the female characters can be typecast and not fully fleshed out, but that is certainly not the case here. There are some savage ladies with some SERIOUS issues, I love it. Pick up this book and you won't want to put it down - Cassandra

Clever, Gripping and Intellectual.

A Unique Adventure.

Blood Prize is a Definite Page-turner.



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